Inovital, which represents “innovation” and “vitality”, is a long time player in the French pharmaceutical industry which offers a complete range of healthcare products. Inovital aimed to develop “close to home” philosophy to share and transmit the knowledge of healthy lifestyle to the widest possible audience.

Inovital supplements are scientifically approved products and manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards. The formula and production method are completely received/devised by French Scientist, based on international scientific research.

Inovital promised on strict quality control at every stage of production with the latest technology involved; all the products are formulated with quality in mind. Constant innovation and advanced researches are developed to guarantee the best formulas and the safest balanced nutrients to the products.

Inovital adopts 100% natural sources derived from plant life; herbs, plants, flowers from France to give the best blends with powerful nutritional agents that assist the body naturally. Herbs have been known as great body balancers with endless reasons of health. With specific knowledge from botanist and herbalist, herbs are grouped in combination to increase the latitude of product effectiveness and potency. As the products are completely natural, they are not addictive and habit forming, which allows the herbs to be used safely and effectively.

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Product Code: 91310002
Set Include: 4 Advance Purifying Substance Filtration System Remove harmful heavy metal..
Product Code: 91310003
Set  Include : 6 Advance Purifying Substance Filtration System Advanced technology..
Product Code: 10R00007
Natural Constipation Remedy Cascara Sagrada, also known as Sacred Bark, is derived from the year ..
Product Code: 10R00001
Health Enhancer Guarana is a natural nutrient, scientifically known as Paullinia cupana. Its high..
Product Code: 1000006
Heart Tonic Hawthorne Berries, scientifically known as Crataegus oxyacantha, are gathered from th..
Product Code: 1084009
High Fiber Drinks INO-FIT is a delicious yet effective drink that is highly recommended for those..
Product Code: 1084006
A Brighter Vision Eyes are the window to the soul, and one of the most frequently used organ in h..
Product Code: 1084004
Restore Youthful, Resilience, and Radiant Skin Provides necessary elements to skin. It contains 2..
Product Code: 1084001
Replenish Your Skin With Ino Gen Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, comprising ..
Product Code: 1000000
Natural Herbal Tonic Tea Yerba Mate, also known as Mate, was introduced to modern civilization by..
Product Code: 1000002
Immune Booster Lapacho is an evergreen tree with rosy coloured flowers. It is found in the rainfo..
Product Code: 1000004
Ginseng From Amazon Rainforest "Pfaffia paniculata" is the scientific name for what is better kno..
Product Code: 1000003
Colon Cleansing Remedy Psyl-Elm consists of two herbal plants: Psyllium and Slippery Elm. Psylliu..
Product Code: 1084018
Best 6 Years Red Ginseng Inovital Red Ginseng Drink is a healthy beverage made with fermented six-y..
Product Code: 1000005
The World's Most Nutritious Food Spirulina is blue green microscopic plankton. Its cells stacked ..
Product Code: 1070001
Uncompromised Quality: From French pharmaceutical brand. Perfect combination of innovation a..