Oil Shave (75ml)

Oil Shave (75ml)

Brand: Estebel 1833
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EB Men Series

Ultra-smooth shave without causing nicks, cuts, and dryness. Enriched with rosemary oil and mint extracts, it improves blood circulation, softens facial hair and facilitates a smoother, closer shave. It also minimizes the irritation and cuts. Suitable for all skin types.




It is easily penetrates into the skin without leaving any oily residue while preventing moisture loss and repairing the skin’s suppleness and elasticity. It also corrects the dry skin.


Rosemary Oil

Non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing; It tones the skin and corrects dryness of the skin


Wild Mint

It has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.


Direction For Use

Apply an adequate amount around the beard. Gently massage it for 5 seconds and shave. Rinse off with water. For best result, apply Revitalizing Serum after shaving. 

ESTEBEL series of products are not tested on animals, but volunteers, and it has shows that ESTEBEL series is suitable for all skin types. If irritation occurs, please stop using the products and consult a doctor immediately.


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