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Ino Fit

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High Fiber Drinks

INO-FIT is a delicious yet effective drink that is highly recommended for those whose undergoing weight management; it promotes weight loss, especially at the belly area. INO-FIT contains Fibersol-2 (high in soluble fibre, US patented and specific healthcare supplement authentication), 21 beneficial minerals (awarded in Guinness World Record and obtained 13 countries patents) and other active ingredients to eliminates toxins and prevents accumulation of excessive calorie, fat and sugar effectively, helps to keep your belly flat, and maintains a fit and healthy body.


Benefits Of INO-FIT

- Colon cleansing

- Promotes intestinal peristalsis

- Removes coprostatic waste

- Promotes probiotic growth

- Improves metabolism

- Accelerates fat burn

- Lypolytic


Who Needs INO-FIT?

People who:

- Are obese (belly area)

- Wants to detoxify colon

- Suffers from constipation

- Often dines out

- Are overweight due to imbalance diet


Direction For Use

Shake well before drinking. A bottle each time, preferably after lunch or dinner.

First-time users : A bottle a day, consecutively for 6 days.

To maintain vibrant result : 1-3 bottles per week, or drink when necessary.

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