Active Face Wash 150ml

Active Face Wash 150ml

Brand: Estebel 1833
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EB Men Series
Formulated with Witch Hazel, Rosemary and Mint, the refreshing foaming gel cleanser gently removes impurities and prepares the skin for upcoming nourishment while leaving the skin feeling fresh, revitalized and supple. Its active ingredients help to controls the sebum secretion, unclog the pores and help to lock the moisture in the skin. Suitable for combination, oily, and dehydrated skin.


Witch Hazel (Hamamelis) Extracts
It strengthens the skin structure, and has the anti-inflammation and anti-free radical properties.

Rosemary Extracts
It stimulates cell growth activity to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as controls sebum secretion, giving the skin an overall improvement.

Mint Extracts
It is an antiseptic in nature that keeps your pimples at bay and your face blemish-free by controlling sebum secretion, preventing acne and clogged pores, brightening dull skin and revitalizing the skin, giving the skin a healthy and clear complexion.

Aloe Vera Extracts
Restores the skin‘s smoothness by hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

Lemon Essential Oil and Citric Acid Esters
It controls and balances sebum secretion and thus, it gives the effect of deep purifying and decongesting.

Demineralized Water
It is more soluble than common tap water and is a good solvent in skin care products.

Moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin.


Direction For Use
Mix an adequate amount of the gel (1-2 pumps) with water in your palm to creates lather, and gently massages your face and neck with upward strokes circular movements for 20-30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Use at morning and night.


ESTEBEL series of products are not tested on animals, but volunteers, and it has shows that ESTEBEL series is suitable for all skin types. If irritation occurs, please stop using the products and consult a doctor immediately.

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