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Vitalite Sante NMN (30 sachets)
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Vitalite Sante NMN (30 sachets)
RM 400.00
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Vitalite Sante NMN (30 sachets)

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Vitalite Sante NMN (30 sachets)
RM 400.00
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Product Details:

Vitalité Santé NMN EX

Vitalité Santé NMN EX combines grapefruit powder with 8 active ingredients including β-NMN, broccoli sprouts, grape skin extract, resveratrol, kale, acai berry, quercetin, taurine and cordyceps. It is specially formulated for reversing aging and repairing cells. The high purity of NMN can be effectively converted into NAD+ which is vital to our body and thereby delaying, improving and preventing various aging-related diseases.


  • Repair damaged DNA
  • Improve energy and metabolism
  • Activate longevity protein – Sirtuins
  • Support immune system
  • Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Keep skin healthy and delay aging


Vitalité Santé NMN EX 混合了柚子果粉和8种有效活性成分如β-NMN、 西兰花芽、葡萄皮萃取、白藜芦醇、羽衣甘蓝、巴西莓、槲皮素、牛磺酸和冬蟲夏草,一種專為逆轉衰老和修復細胞而研發的配方。它内含高純度的NMN,能有效地轉化成身體所需要的NAD+ ,從而延緩、改善和預防各種與衰老有關的疾病。


  • 修復受損的DNA
  • 提升能量和新陳代謝
  • 激活長壽蛋白 – Sirtuins
  • 增強免疫力
  • 降低心血管疾病和風險
  • 保持皮膚健康,延緩衰老
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