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Vitalite Sante DTX (30 sachets)
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Vitalite Sante DTX (30 sachets)
RM 400.00
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Vitalite Sante DTX (30 sachets)

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Vitalite Sante DTX (30 sachets)
RM 400.00
Ref No   1000054
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Product Details:

Vitalité Santé DTX

Vitalité Santé DTX is specially formulated to support gut health and detoxification, and useful in relieve constipation. This formula combines various type of dietary fiber such as apple fiber, wheat fiber, oat fiber, soluble corn fiber, fibergum and inulin, with psyllium husk and guar gum which effectively improve gut health. Two active ingredients are also added, which are cascara sagrada extract and senna extract to promote cleansing of colon and treat constipation. This formula is specially targeted for people who lacks of fiber in daily diet, who suffer from constipation and who wish to loss weight.


  • Helps detoxify the body
  • Helps improve colon cleansing
  • Improve digestion and appetite
  • Treat stomach bloating and gas
  • Helps relieve constipation
  • Helps promote frequent bowel movements
  • Helps to promote weight loss

Vitalité Santé DTX 是一種專為支持腸道健康和排毒,並幫助緩解便秘而配製的產品。該配方結合了蘋果纖維、小麥纖維、燕麥纖維、可溶性玉米纖維、纖維膠和菊粉等多種膳食纖維,以及洋車前子殼和瓜爾豆膠,能有效地改善腸道健康。此外,它還添加了兩種活性成分,即鼠李皮提取物和番瀉葉提取物,以促進結腸清潔和治療便秘。該配方特別針對日常飲食中缺乏纖維、患有便秘和希望減肥的人。


  • 幫助身體排毒
  • 幫助改善結腸清潔
  • 改善消化和食慾
  • 治療胃脹和脹氣
  • 有助於緩解便秘
  • 有助於促進頻繁排便
  • 有助於促進減肥
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