Buy Back Policy

Please be informed that with effect from 1st January 2011, our Company will implement the following Buy Back Policy : -

(1) The Products to be returned must be purchased previously from the Company : -  

(a) 100% refund applicable if return within ten (10) working days from the date of joining; and

(b) 95% refund applicable if return is made after ten (10) working days within six (6) months from the date of joining/date of invoice but subject to the deduction of 69% on Sales value of all returned goods for bonuses/commission paid by the Company and 5% of administrative charge.

For example : -

The following is the calculation for the goods return within six (6) months :-          

[RM5,000.00 (Retail Price) - 69% (commission/bonuses paid to the up line and personal)] = RM1,550.00 - 5% (administrative charge) = RM1,472.50 [Total Refund by deducting the administrative charge and commission which has been paid previously]

The Product Buy Back Policy is not applicable after six (6) months from the date of purchase/date of invoice.

(2) The Company shall refund the money within thirty (30) days after receipt of Products returned.

In the event the Distributor submits the application for Buy Back before 1.1.2011, the old Buy Back Policy will be applicable. Please note that other Company Rules and Regulations are remained un-change.

I AGREE and UNDERSTAND with buy back policy above.